Keath Patterson


Keath Patterson and I became friends the last half of my sophomore year at Concordia, then roomed together for the next year on campus and then two years on Harrison. He has taken some trips with me, including North Manitou Island, South Manitou Island, To Yellowstone and back in 2001,  Washington DC in 2003, and Florida in 2004.


Here is a link to Keath's Comic- Click on his name. It is really good.

 Hi, Keath here-Allow myself to introduce...myself.

 As a single guy, I put in family time by playing Uncle Keath to my brother Ken's kids.  NEW PICS

After graduating with a degree in Communications, I did time in Jackson, Ohio as a small town Radio News Reporter. 

My hobbies include reading, but I also do a bit of writing.  Some of my poetry has been posted on the Timid Bull creators site.  I read mainly comic books.  My favorite titles are Bone and Lone Wolf and Cub.  Recently I've been into on-line comics like Circle Weave and Lost and Found.

My New Year's Resolution for 2002 was to create my own on-line comic.  It's called Bear Island Adventure and is based on our trips to the Manitou Islands.  Check it out at


Keath and Erik on North Manitou Island Keath the night before college graduation
Keath, Tone and Erik at College Graduation Enjoying our beers on South Manitou Island
Flat Tire at Platte Point! Typical Keath
Keath- Jackson Hole Sign  

The Wedding of Janeen Cramer and Erik Smith  
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A Classic from the Washington DC trip



Map of Bear Island (Click on map for Comic)