Sunday, March 13th

Vicksburg, MS to Kosciusko, MS (271 Miles)

An early morning drive through the Louisiana Delta, then back across the Mississippi River, brought me to Natchez, Mississippi. I spent a couple of hours looking at the beautiful Victorian Homes that make the town a tourist destination. Also interesting was the William Johnson House, home to a free black man in the 1800s. This home is part of Natchez National Historical Park, which also includes the Melrose Plantation, on the outside of the town, and Fort Rosalie, a site that is still yet to be completely acquired by the NPS.

Finally, I started the long drive up the Natchez Trace Parkway. My Uncle Bob and Aunt Lynda had particularly raved about this drive from their own travels. The road 50 mph most of the way and has no towns, stop sign or stoplights, just historical markers and signposts along the way. Almost all of the 440 mile road is finished, except for a 20 or so mile stretch around Jackson, Mississippi. Mount Locust, a restored inn at milepost 15 is very interesting. The reservoir just north of Jackson is also a very pretty part of the drive, and a great place for a picnic, as many people were doing on this Sunday afternoon.

I arrived in the early evening in Kosciusko, Mississippi, birthplace of Oprah Winfrey, in time to watch most of the NCAA selection show. I published this page on the WiFi signal provided by my Best Western, which was a real bargain at $47.

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